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Kenya-Solar Products in High Demand

Posted on : Friday , 6th October 2017

 There has been an increased demand for solar water heating systems after the announcement of the November 30th deadline for the installations of these systems, according to sources from within the industry.

The announcement was in accordance with the Energy Regulations of 2012, where all industrial, commercial and large residential building in urban centers’ are mandated to install these water systems. 
The deadline was originally set for May 25th but has since been extended to November 30th, in order to give citizens more time to comply. Fines of up to US$ 10,000 will also be dished out to all those who fail to comply with this new rule.
Karanja Njoroge, the General Manager of Chloride Exide also spoke about how this law has generated an increase in sales for his company.
Mr. Njoroje’s company has also increased personnel in anticipation of the increased demand. The nation introduced ‘Solar water Heating Regulations’ in 2012, giving property owners a five year grace period to implement the order. The order specifically requires all premises with a requirement of 100 liters of water a day to install the water heating systems.
Mr. Njoroje has estimated that approximately 40,000 homes and 10,000 commercial institutions are yet to comply with the law with the deadline approaching rapidly.
Implementing this order will cost most households around 1,200 dollars and institutions 10,000 dollars today, however, this will be a small price to pay in the long run. As the country lies in close proximity to the equator and therefore receives sunshine abundantly throughout the year. The nation intends to exploit this fact to its fullest potential with this order.  
Engineers have said that as the cost of heating water covers approximately 60 per cent of electricity bills for the common man. Coupled with the fact that the prices of solar equipment have plunged by 25 per cent, this endeavor could be a very profitable one for all involved.

Source : Business News Africa
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