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KenGen - East Africa's Best Sustainable Power Producer

Posted on : Thursday , 28th February 2019

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC ( KenGen) has apeared East Africa’s leading Sustainable Power Producer in the 2018 Capital Finance International Awards (CFI.co Awards).

KenGen, Kenya’s largest power producer accounting for 69% of the country’s power, was given the award for its continued, and deliberate focus on renewable energy – which accounts for 84% of the company’s power sources.

KenGen was also awarded the top honor for its constant efforts, through the KenGen Foundation, to act upon its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that affect on communities that live around its power installations and projects.

“We are pleased to have been awarded the East Africa’s Best Sustainable Power Producer by the Capital Finance International as it recognizes the tremendous strides we have made as an organization to enhance renewable energy sources for the country. It also recognizes the studious efforts we have taken to implement our Good to Great strategy and also ensuring sustainability of the company from one generation to another.” said KenGen Managing Director and CEO, Rebecca Miano.

At the same time, Mrs. Miano said the award recognised KenGen’s sustainability efforts in energy generation which she said was focused on geothermal generation, an energy source that is not only renewable but also sustainable and unaffected by weather.

The Managing Director said KenGen continues to adopt best practice in running its business including embracing emerging capital finance innovations to fund its projects.

On its part, the Capital Finance International commended KenGen for its efforts to drive Kenya’s renewable energy path, and for its important corporate citizenry especially it’s robust, impactful, and sustainable CSR projects.

At present, KenGen’s energy generation mix includes 818MW of hydro energy; 534MW of geothermal energy; 253.5MW of thermal energy and 25.5MW of wind power energy.

Source : www.kbc.co.ke
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