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KOKO Introduces First Network of 700 ‘KOKOpoints’ in Nairobi

Posted on : Wednesday , 24th July 2019

KOKO, a Venture-backed technology company Networks has launched its first network of 700 ‘KOKOpoints’ inside neighbourhood shops across Nairobi

The urban cooking fuel market is estimated more than US$20bn in Africa and remains dominated by dirty cooking fuels such as charcoal, which is produced through deforestation and causes millions of early deaths through indoor air pollution.
KOKO’s market-leading technology platform allows bioethanol cooking fuel to scale very quickly by undercutting dirty fuels.
Customers use smart canisters that dock with KOKOpoints to allocate fuel they have pre-purchased via M-PESA. They then take their smart canister home to dock into their KOKO Cooker, a modern, high-power 2-burner ethanol stove that distributes clean heat for modern cooking at an affordable price.
CEO and co-founder, Greg Murray, at KOKO, commented, “Many quick growing cities face unique challenges that innovative technology can solve. KOKO has created the infrastructure for creating, producing and delivering hardware and software solutions that improve life in the city. Kenyans have a strong influence for embracing innovation and we are proud to partner with the shopkeepers of Nairobi in launching our first Network.”
KOKO Fuel is shipped in partnership with Vivo Energy Kenya, the company which owns and operates Shell-branded fuel distribution infrastructure. KOKO’s technology platform delivers higher cost efficiencies when partnered with the downstream fuels industry, removing the need for a centralised bottling facility and disposable plastic bottles in order to make clean fuel available in closeness to customers.
With the introduction of this Network, KOKO partners with 700 shops that serve as pick-up points for the KOKO Cooker, enabling a low-cost e-commerce experience that has solved the last-mile challenges that typically drive up costs for customers.
The company has launched KOKO Digital Media, which aims to creat major brands to engage Nairobi consumers through targeted and interactive video and in-store radio, overcoming the challenge of high smartphone data costs that limit the reach of traditional online media channels.

Source : www.expogr.com
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