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Zanzibar's Dream of a Wind Farm Is Getting Closer

Posted on : Tuesday , 17th October 2023

IN an exciting development for renewable energy initiatives, Aseel Oilfield Services Limited and Sany Renewable Energy conducted a site visit to potential locations for a revolutionary wind farm in Zanzibar.


This visit lays the groundwork for the development of the wind farm, which is expected to commence upon the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Aseel Oilfield Services and the Zanzibar Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals.


The establishment of this wind farm, with a capacity ranging from 20 MW to 200 MW, signifies a significant leap forward in the goal of diversifying the energy mix and achieving a greener future.


For over a decade, Sany Renewable Energy has been steadfast in its commitment to support Tanzania's energy growth and transition towards green energy.


Hebren James, Country Manager for Sany Renewable Energy, highlighted that the partnership with Aseel Oilfield Services is a pivotal step towards supporting and enhancing Tanzania's economic growth.


"This collaboration comes as a result of the MoU signed between Aseel Oilfield Services Limited and the Zanzibar government in July 2023. As one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers globally, Sany Renewable Energy boasts an annual capacity in excess of 4 GW.


With the conclusion of the project site, Aseel Oilfield Services and Sany Renewable Energy eagerly anticipate commencing construction on the selected site. It is expected that the project will be completed within 18 months and significantly contribute to meeting the majority of Zanzibar's power needs," said James.


During the site visit, the team from Aseel Oilfield Services Limited and Sany Renewable Energy carefully assessed potential locations for the wind farm in the Bambi and Malindi areas. The primary objective was to identify sites with maximum wind power generation potential, ensuring the success and efficiency of the future wind farm.


Furthermore, the team also engaged in fruitful discussions with the Principal Secretary Mr Joseph Kilangi along with the directors, senior technical team, and engineers at the Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals to present the findings of the site visits. Also on the list were Aseel Group of Companies officials, namely Mr Iman Al-Jabry, who is the group Chairman, and Mr Saeed Al-Jabry, the group MD.


"These deliberations focused on exploring innovative solutions and strategies to facilitate the seamless implementation of the wind farm project.


For his part, Shaib Hassan Kaduara, who is the Minister of Water, Energy, and Minerals, expressed sincere appreciation for the unwavering commitment demonstrated by Aseel Oilfield Services Limited and Sany Renewable Energy in their pursuit of renewable energy ventures in Zanzibar.


Mr Kaduara emphasised the significance of diversifying the energy mix and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, particularly in a region blessed with abundant wind resources.


The minister extended gratitude for the collaborative efforts put 4th by both the private sector and government entities in driving sustainable development and fast-tracking the transformation of Zanzibar's energy landscape.


The partnership between Aseel Oilfield Services Limited, Sany Renewable Energy, and the government of Zanzibar holds immense promise for fostering sustainable energy growth on the island.


Source : www.abafnz.com
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